SafeShield Can Be Applied To Any Surface

SafeShield Uses:

Hard and finished, both porous and non-porous surfaces, all medical equipment, medical instruments and devices,  medical furniture, glass, rubber, stainless steel, concrete, plastic, drywall, marble, ceramic, supplies, medical textiles garment and much more!.

In Healthcare:
Hospitals, Operating Theater, Medical Instruments, Patient Rooms, Medical Furniture, Hospital Common Area, Washrooms, Showers, Door, Windows, Floor, Walls, Clinics, Chiropractor Offices, Physical Therapy Facilities, Massage Centers, Dental Offices and Extended Care Facilities, Ambulance and Patient Transportation, Medical Equipment and Devices, Medical Clothing, Scrubs, Lab Coat, Towels and Washcloths, Bottom Sheets, Sleep Knit Envelope Sheets, UltraKnit, Envelope Sheets, Privacy Curtains, Shower Curtains, Stretcher Sheets, Bariatric Sheets, Crib & Bassinette Sheets, Birthing Bed Sheet, Ultra Knit and Sleep Knit Top sheets, Ultra Knit and Sleep Knit Pillowcases, Woven Flat Sheets & Pillowcases, Peri Cloths, Aprons, Impermeable Aprons, Discloths and Tea Towels, Tablecloths, Napkins and Placemats, Color Grid, Knit Contour, Thermal Spread Blanket, Spread, Thermal Blanket, Spread, Thermal Blanket, Ether Blanket, Patient and IV Gowns, Patient Gowns, Precaution Gowns, Aurorra Clothing Protectors, Perma Print Clothing Protectors, Terry & Twill Clothing Protectors, Synthetic Bedpads, Aurorra Bedpads, Chamonix Bedpads, Meridian Bedpads, Sonoma Bedpads, Cotton Bedpads, Chairpads, Laundry Bags, Vinyl Laundry Bags, Mesh Laundry Bags, Zippered, Mesh Laundry Bag, Ward Carts, PVC Mesh Bags and Cart Covers, Soiled Linen Laundry Carts and High touch surfaces and more.

All Medical Equipment
SafeShield is a nano-biostatic nanoscopic surface coating which protects against harmful bacteria and viruses. Durable, invisible, odourless, and will not affect the performance of the equipment.

Office and Work Spaces:
Furniture, High touch surfaces, HVAC, Ventilation, Heating and Air Quality, Washrooms, Showers, Changing Areas, Breakrooms, Lobbies and Common Meeting Areas.

Customized Solutions:
Schools, University, College, Libraries, Spas and Aesthetic studios, Community centers, Vet Clinics, Malls and Shopping Centers, Entertainment, Buses, Trians, and other forms mass transportation, Government Facilities, Public Transportation, Hotels, Restaurant, Airports and Airplanes.

Sports and Recreation:
Gyms and Fitness Facilities, Equipment, Washrooms, Showers, Locker Rooms and Changing Areas, Steam Rooms, Hot Tubs, Swimming Pool, and Other Aquatic Areas, Artificial Grass and Turf, Yoga studios, High Touch Surfaces and much much more!.

Under a microscope, a surface that has been treated with SafeShield would look like it was covered in thousands of tiny swords. Microbes cannot live on surfaces protected by SafeShield because the positive nitrogen centre of the SafeShield spike attracts microbes, and the long carbon chain punctures the cell membrane destroying the microbe on contact. The combination of stabbing and electrocution allows the technology to be fully effective as long as the surface remains intact.