System Benefits:
-Creates and maintains cleaner, healthier work environments with SafeShield water-based products, which can be used as a powerful marketing tool
-Provides safe and effective Nano-Biostatic nanoscopic antimicrobial and virucide along with long-term surfaces, both porous and non-porous., air and fabric protection
-Kills harmful micro-organisms to keep them from being spread throughout facilities
-Brings air to HEPA quality without requiring a costly retrofit to HVAC systems
-Reduces sick days of staff and customers, allowing for greater productivity and increased peace of mind
-Establishes long-term, highly effective cleaning protocols

Health Care
Hospitals/Clinics/Assisted Living
Medical facilities face a tremendous challenge to prevent the spread of infections. And though most hospitals and health care facilities exercise the best care in cleaning and disinfecting their facilities, surfaces that are touched repeatedly still get contaminated between cleanings. Amplifying the concern, many experts agree that many pathogens are dispersed through the air, creating more opportunity to spread illness.

Independent testing shows SafeShield Program to be highly effective against microbes bacteria and viruses, which are associated with Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). With the full power of the system, the SafeShield Program suite of products shields your patients, staff and visitors by way of Disinfection, Indoor Air Quality, Long-Term Surface Protection, Long-Term Hand Sanitizing Moisturizer, Hand Hygiene Compliance and Wellness Monitoring.

-Provides HEPA air quality with energy savings
-Eliminates odors caused by bacterial growth at their source rather than masking them with scents
-Lowers labor costs by reducing dust and cleaning supplies
-Protects patients and visitors from HAI while protecting the hospital network from the related costs
-Improves patient and family peace of mind by increasing hand hygiene compliance and sanitary environments
-Reduces care providers/visitors bringing sickness from outside the clinic or healthcare facility

The industrial sector understands the importance of a solid team presence to productivity. Boasting leading-edge disinfection, surface protection, air protection and hygiene technologies, we can help reduce the number of days lost to sickness and help your operations remain as productive as possible.

-Forms a protective barrier against harmful micro-organisms to keep environments clean and odor free
-Provides HEPA air levels , which can have tremendous impact on reducing the spread of airborne-related disease and illness
-Eliminates odors caused by bacterial growth at their source rather than simply masking them with scents
-Pre-screens for sick workers prior to entering a facility

Preserving a solid curriculum is predicated on teachers, students, and staff being present and productive. Schools and daycare facilities constantly fight the costs of short-term disinfection and cleaning protocols while kids continue spreading nasty bugs.

SafeShield2Y has the solution for long term and persistent effectiveness between routine cleanings. Imagine cleaning with Green Products while the bonded barrier continues to fight in between cleanings for two years. Our SafeShield2Y Program is ready to safe shield your surfaces for interpersonal contact. Your success and cost reduction is the goal when we train your personnel or service your facility.

-Fewer Student/Staff Sick Days + Fewer Substitute Teacher Days = Cost Savings for the district
-Reduces odor causing bacteria, illness causing micro-organisms, staph, MRSA and more in gyms and locker rooms will keep teammates in the game
-Cuts labor costs by reducing dust, making protected surfaces faster and easier to clean
-Gives parent's peace of mind that their children are in a clean, healthy learning environment
-Eliminates mildew and musty smells of school buses and vans

Guests can leave behind more than just dirty socks and old paperbacks. No matter how nice the establishment, chances are millions of invisible “guests” manage to dodge the housekeeper. Sheets are regularly laundered and changed, and showers scrubbed, but it’s unlikely that hotel maids are wiping down hard surfaces such as doorknobs and light switches, alarm clocks, ice buckets or hotel-inscribed pens.

While it may be impossible to make sure that housekeeping will be able to disinfect every surface after every visitor, you no longer have to worry about it. The SafeShield2Y program kills harmful micro-organisms and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew while creating an invisible safe shield that keeps them from returning for two years at a time. Imagine disinfecting food service areas, countertops, and galley ways one time a week while the bonded barrier continues to fight in between cleanings for two years.

-Boosts your reputation for managing a clean, healthy environment and provides a powerful marketing tool
-Reduces maintenance and wear on HVAC systems, resulting in energy savings up to 20%
-Keeps surfaces and air cleaner, requiring less cleaning time and products
-Enables you to offer hypo-allergenic/asthmatic rooms for guests who suffer from asthma, COPD and allergies
-Eliminates objectionable odors at their source rather than simply masking them with scents
-Halts the outbreak of sickness due to viruses, bacteria and mold 

Policemen, firefighters and EMTs fight an ongoing battle with unseen perpetrators…bacteria, viruses, mildew and more. Be it from smoke, K-9 dogs, bodily fluids or another source, SafeShield2Y has the technologies to deal with them more effectively and affordably than other products. We can help you keep your cruisers, trucks, EMT units and uniforms free from harmful micro-organisms and objectionable odors that infest them regularly. While you protect and serve, you will be guarded from surface contaminants, airborne pathogens and your hand-to-hand contact.

SafeShield2Y helps maintain cleaner, healthier environments to be certain that first responders and the public are better protected. 

-Protects uniforms, emergency vehicles and equipment from harmful biological elements
-Saves money by reducing the frequency that uniforms need to be laundered; testing shows our technologies do not affect protective qualities of Nomex.
-Reduces risk of spreading bacteria and disease-carrying pathogens
-Wipes out odors caused by bacterial growth, smoke, blood, vomit, urine, feces, sweat and a host of other sources

Fitness/Sports Centers
From a high school locker room to an upscale gym, fitness and sports centers create perfect conditions for the growth and spread of bacteria and other micro-organisms.
ABC News Primetime conducted an undercover investigation of a number of gyms, swabbing everything in sight – from the free weights to the locker rooms – and found germs practically everywhere. On a single set of dumbbells, they found staphylococcus, streptococcus viridans, diptheroids and e-coli – the most common bacteria in human feces.

SafeShield’s water-based, antimicrobial system is ideal for use in locker rooms, showers and on gym equipment. Bacteria, mold and mildew are wiped out and do not grow on surfaces treated with our technologies. And, our system eliminates – not simply masks – all manner of bacteria-driven odors for a much more pleasant environment.

Taking preventive measures using the SafeShield2Y program can be extremely helpful in providing clean, healthy environments for athletes, staff and club members.