A Revolutionary, Long-Lasting Protection Hand Sanitizer!

SafeShield24 Hand Sanitizer That Provides Antimicrobial Protection For A Full 24 Hours, Even After Mulitple Washes? Imagine Doing So Without Using Harsh Chemicals? 

SafeShield24 Antimicrobial Nano-Biostatic Nanoscopic Long-lasting, Hand Sanitizer
A single application of SafeShield24 Hand Sanitizer on the skin not only eliminates microbes and bacteria, but also prevents bacterial reinfection by maintaining a long lasting Nano-Biostatic Nanoscopic protective barrier. Formulated with microscopic spikes nanotechnology, your skin will be protected for up to 24 hours (once applied). Other hand sanitizers on the market today are primarily ethyl or isopropyl alcohol formulations, which are largely short term, antibacterial in nature and only provide limited protection for 30 seconds.