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SafeShield is a world leader in infection control technology. Now, with concerns over the increasing spread of infectious diseases, healthcare facility, medical center, hospital, corporate institutions, governments, education facilities, and consumers are also demanding infection control solutions. SafeShield nano-biostatic nanoscopic offers long lasting antimicrobial surface protection technologies that mitigate the risk of cross contamination in healthcare settings, hospital, communal environments, governments  and education facilities. SafeShield save time and reduce the costs associated with microbial contamination. After being applied to any surface, SafeShield acts like a bed of swords rupturing and destroying all bacteria, microbe, viruses, mold, and fungi that come in contact; treated surfaces become inhospitable for bacteria, microbe, viruses activity. SafeShield is a long-chain polymer comprised of saline, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and once applied will remain on the surface for two years or greater.​

Thorough application of SafeShield2Y nano-biostatic nanoscopic unique antimicrobial eliminates microbe, bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi 24/7 for two years. Proven protocol and procedure that ensures detailed cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces before SafeShield2Y nano-biostatic nanoscopic the long-lasting antimicrobial treatment is applied. Can be applied to any surface, in Hospital, Government Facilities, School, Public Transportation, Hotels, Restaurant and much much more!

SafeShield is a “MECHANICAL” Nano-biostatic nanoscopic approach to controlling and destroying all bacteria, microbe, viruses, mold, and fungi safely without toxins. SafeShield creates a long- lasting bed of microscopic spikes which mechanically pierce the cell walls of microbes causing their destruction. SafeShield2Y eliminates microbes and viruses populations by up to 99.999% and continues to inhibit their return for 2 years or greater. SafeShield is not a disinfectant or a cleaner with lethal toxins, but is instead a totally new approach providing long lasting antimicrobial protection.

The Comprehensive Application Process 
The thorough application process begins by cleaning and disinfecting areas tabbed for the "3G" Nano-Biostatic antimicrobial /antibacterial and virucide treatment. This part of the process effectively eliminates illness-causing microbial contaminants such as Staph, Salmonella, E.coli, MRSA, HIV-1, Hepatitis, Human Coronavirus MERS, Strep, H1N1 and much more. After properly cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces tabbed for the "3G" nano-biostatic treatment, unique and innovative antimicrobial power of SafeShield is applied.

Product Benefits  
Just one treatment of SafeShield2Y Nano-biostatic nanoscopic antimicrobial technology, will inhibit the growth of bacteria, microbe, viruses, mold, and fungi on surfaces for two years. This unique product is vastly superior to other technology -- not only because the water-based nano-biostatic nanoscopic antimicrobial technology fights a wide array of microbial growth 24/7, but also because SafeShield will not create adaptive organisms or "super bugs" like MRSA. The non-leaching antimicrobial characteristics of the product make it the world’s most durable and long-lasting antimicrobial coating protraction. Keep in mind, The "3G" nano-biostatic antimicrobial technology powering SafeShield is the safest and most environmentally-friendly technology of its kind. 

SafeShield Products are part of Bayrouti Laboratories Ltd., brands, a family of companies with 39 years of combined experience in antimicrobial resistance & infection control industry, develops and produces health and personal care products, nano-biostatic nanoscopic antimicrobial, antibacterial and virucide products technologies, the multi-action, long lasting surface protection, antiseptic, fungicide, mildewcide, bactericide, sanitizer and deodorizer products.​
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